Nut and Seeds: Delicious and Nutritious

October 27, 2022 , Nuts and Dried Fruits, Uncategorized

Nuts and seeds are foods that everyone enjoys. These foods can be consumed as butter or crushed and sprinkled on your food.

These materials are easily available to everyone. Dried fruit can be ordered online from wholesalers or purchased from other reputable stores. It is worth noting that these delicious foods are various: salted, non-salted, seasonal, plain, raw or roasted forms.


In general, it is healthiest to consume them raw or roasted in ovens with temperatures below 350 degrees Fahrenheit (equivalent to 175 degrees Celsius). Nuts and dry roasted nuts are in the second group in terms of being healthy, but avoid using nuts and roasted nuts with vegetable oils and seed oil separately. Green Diamond is a hub for purchasing a variety of fruits and nuts.


Fresh and quality dried fruits can be stored at room temperature. These edibles are among the best snacks and meals in travel. However, if you plan to store them for a long time, it is better to keep them in the refrigerator or freezer.


Summary: Nuts can be used as butter or chopped and sprinkled on all kinds of foods. Raw or roasted nuts and seeds are the healthiest types of nuts and seeds. These foods can be stored at room temperature; And in case of long-term storage, it is better to put them in the refrigerator or freezer.