Benefits of dates for hair

November 13, 2022 , Date Fruits, Healthy diet, healthy food

Hair health depends on the overall health of your body. Hair follicles need proper resources for better growth and longevity. Dates contain a set of nutrients for your hair.

  • healthy hair follicles

Using dates has a great effect on hair. Eating 2-3 dates a day will strengthen and grow hair and stronger roots.


  • Hair loss

Vitamin B in dates is very beneficial for hair. The lack of these vitamins makes the hair weak and brittle.

Anemia is another cause of hair loss, especially among women. The iron in Kurma Medjool Selangor can be a suitable solution for anemia caused by menstruation and its compensation. Therefore, cutting dates is a natural way to treat hair loss. In case of severe hair loss, it is recommended to eat dry dates. (Calories of dry dates are twice more than fresh dates). They nourish the hair roots, which makes hair grow stronger.

  • Healthy hair

The power of nutrients in palm oil is amazing, it strengthens hair follicles and minimizes hair problems. Regular use of this oil for hair makes them thick and strong and makes your hair dry and brittle.